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The workforce management platform that creates a stunning talent experience for your people.


Streamlines your talent recruitment, screening, selection, onboarding, compliance and upskilling to effectively manage your talent.


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PowerHouse Recruit


Transform the way you find and hire talent with PowerHouse Recruit. Add our Recruit link to job postings and let us automatically rank the candidates to the job description.

We profile candidates’ skills and experience and create weighted rankings to help you screen and shortlist. New hires are assigned to a custom workflow to complete online onboarding.

The dynamic talent pool feature allows you to build your network of talent with internal, external and contractor talent pools.

Integrates with all ATS platforms.

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PowerHouse Onboard


PowerHouse Onboard gives you the power to create custom workflows to provide a professional introduction to your business while driving a unique workplace readiness program.

Build your own workflows and add pages that feature company information (videos, audio, animation etc.), integrated police and work rights checks, suitability assessments, certificate/licence uploads, induction courses, forms and online contract signing.

PowerHouse Onboard provides smart monitoring dashboards to all managers to deliver rapid and effective onboarding to drive productivity in your business.


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PowerHouse Talent


PowerHouse Talent is your complete talent management solution, and is so much more than an LMS. Measure and track your workforce development with comprehensive workforce reports.

Our authorware module allows you to build unlimited courses, while the Course Library features a range of off-the-shelf courses, ready to instantly add to your platform.

Host and manage events, webinars, surveys, polls, documents, news, alerts, CPD, learning programs and collaboration with meaningful reporting data against each module.

Integrates with payroll, HRIS, and CRM platforms.

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PowerHouse Certify


Manage and deliver your qualifications, certifications, traineeships and competency frameworks with PowerHouse Certify.


PowerHouse Certify provides the workflow for your people to complete accredited training, managed and signed-off by assessors and verifiers.


All interactions on the platform are fully tracked and reported on, providing a dynamic assessment of your workforce’s skills.


PowerHouse Certify RPL identifies and collects evidence on a user’s academic and work history and matches this to a new qualification with existing credits automatically mapped. Integrates with SMS, CRM and payroll.


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PowerHouse Workforce Wallet


The PowerHouse Workforce Wallet builds a dynamic and searchable profile on each worker.

The wallet integrates seamlessly with the PowerHouse Products to publish user workforce data including compliance elements, verified competencies, talent development, education level, work history and skills matrix.

The Workforce Wallets are managed by each worker and feature in the talent pools. Managers leverage the wallets to report on workforce compliancy and competency and HR use the wallets for succession planning and profiling existing staff for new jobs.

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