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Trends in Careers and Learning

Careers for the future Past career trends involved sticking with one career and speciality for 20 years (or more!) until retirement. Today, we are seeing a shift towards a more diverse career path and a continual search for learning. The definition of a career has changed for the next generation of professionals. Individuals now [...]

Part 2 of Modern Instructional Design

One of the criticisms of instructional design is that learning is not a one-way task; it is a conversation. Many designers have made the mistake of creating learning material with a one-click spam where learners are set on a single path of information. While this may be an efficient way to organise information, it [...]

Part 1 of Modern Instruction Design

An instructional designer’s responsibilities include gathering and curating information in a way to fully engage the learner. With so much content and so many distractions for the learner, it is important to create the learning material in an efficient and calculated way. Skills of a great modern instructional designer include: understanding the right issues [...]

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Tips to Induct and Grow Without Limits

Meeting compliance requirements is an essential task for operations managers. This can be achieved through a solid induction process. Inducting employees and contractors into the organisation creates a safe, friendly and inviting work environment. The benefits of establishing a strong induction process include: build a strong workplace structure stay compliant and educate employees on safety, bullying, sexual [...]

Tips to Create Stunning Courses

Creating engaging, yet informative digital learning courses is essential to the success of organisational induction and training. Managers can create these courses through an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS). When creating content, managers can follow these tips to make the content stimulating.   Keep training simple As a manager, decide what you want to include [...]

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Reduce your Training Overheads Now

Many organisations avoid implementing LMS training programs due to unwanted costs and time allocation. Employees, however, are more likely to stay with a company that invests in continuous training and many studies show that employees view a companies’ decision to implement training programs as a commitment to their employees’ well being. Investing in the [...]

Tips to Boost CPD Memberships

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important in any role and can be achieved through a number of different activities. Any event, webinar or training course that increases knowledge or skills in a role can be included in CPD records. To gain as much value from CPD activities as possible, it is recommended that professionals focus [...]

Human Resources and Machine Learning

Machine learning is progressing the digital world and affects nearly every industry. Human resource managers can utilise these programs to better identify potential candidates and conduct comprehensive performance reviews. To better understand the ways in which machine learning can enhance HR tasks, let’s first look at the concept of machine learning. What is machine [...]

LMS Induction and Compliance: Automation Tools

Online Induction and Compliance Training with LMS: Automation Tools Transitioning staff induction and compliance training online with an LMS delivers a range of benefits. HR professionals understand the need for this online induction system to streamline training and promote high standards across the platform. The following are just some of the benefits that an [...]

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Increasing the ROI for Your New Learning Management System

Increasing the ROI for your new Learning Management System Before purchasing a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation, it is important to develop a Return on Investment (ROI) assessment. This will help find the right LMS for your business with the highest cost savings. In the past, measuring the ROI of your LMS [...]

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