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The Capability Management Portal is a powerful tool to help you identify talent and industry capabilities in your teams. You are able to set your own Capability Matrix which is stored in the system. When you add assessments to your Capability Assessment Programs, you can assign a specific capability (i.e. leadership, innovation etc) with a corresponding score (+5 to -5) to each response. The decisions that your users make in the assessments are visually mapped and presented as a Capability Profile on personal and manager dashboards.

Workplace Verification of Competency – a Simple Solution

Workplace Verification of Competency – a Simple Solution. Why is Verification of Competency Important? Competence is a measure of an employee’s proven skills and knowledge. Many workplaces require employees to be verified as competent at performing their tasks before they can work. This is especially important for high risk work, such as operating machinery [...]

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