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The Contractor Induction Portal streamlines and automates your contractor induction and on-boarding. Contracting companies and their contractors can self-register and upload insurances, certificates and licenses with expiry dates. Expiry alerts are sent to contractors and managers. The portal allows you to create your own induction courses or license courses from our catalogue. After completing their inductions, contractors receive personalised certificates that can printed or viewed from all mobile devices. Your customised portal can be integrated with systems and proximity cards.

LMS Induction and Compliance: Automation Tools

Online Induction and Compliance Training with LMS: Automation Tools Transitioning staff induction and compliance training online with an LMS delivers a range of benefits. HR professionals understand the need for this online induction system to streamline training and promote high standards across the platform. The following are just some of the benefits that an [...]

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LMS Selection in Eight Steps

Your LMS: How to Plan, Review and Select a LMS for Your Business Step 1: Create Your Business Case for the LMS Before you consider purchasing or implementing a LMS for your organisation it is good practice to develop a business case to support the project. The business case will be specific to your [...]

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