Whistleblowing As a business, it is your responsibility to provide staff with the support and reporting channels necessary to report misconduct. Whistleblowers are invaluable for detecting and preventing fraud, corruption, safety malpractice and other forms of business and employee misconduct. These forms of misconduct can be catastrophic for a business if left unaddressed. [...]

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Fraud and Corruption Awareness

Fraud and Corruption Awareness   Training to deter and detect fraud and corruption is essential for the protection against financial, reputational and other loss. In any work environment, there are many fraud and corruption risks to be mindful of. This induction course is designed to teach you how to deter and detect fraud [...]

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Ethics and Governance

Ethics and Governance Ethical business and good corporate governance are key for successful businesses. Ethical practices help to protect company stakeholders, which may include shareholders, the public and the environment. Good corporate governance supports ethical behaviour through making better, transparent company decisions and regulating directors’ power. This induction course emphasises the importance and [...]

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Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering As a business, it is your obligation to keep employees knowledgeable about the risks and consequences of money laundering. Laws relating to money laundering and financial transactions must be adhered to in order to prevent exorbitant financial penalties. Businesses that provide services involving financial transactions face the risk of becoming [...]

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