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Trends in Careers and Learning

Careers for the future Past career trends involved sticking with one career and speciality for 20 years (or more!) until retirement. Today, we are seeing a shift towards a more diverse career path and a continual search for learning. The definition of a career has changed for the next generation of professionals. Individuals now [...]

Part 2 of Modern Instructional Design

One of the criticisms of instructional design is that learning is not a one-way task; it is a conversation. Many designers have made the mistake of creating learning material with a one-click spam where learners are set on a single path of information. While this may be an efficient way to organise information, it [...]

Part 1 of Modern Instruction Design

An instructional designer’s responsibilities include gathering and curating information in a way to fully engage the learner. With so much content and so many distractions for the learner, it is important to create the learning material in an efficient and calculated way. Skills of a great modern instructional designer include: understanding the right issues [...]

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De-risking Your Safety Compliance Requirements

What are compliance risks? Workplace health and safety legislation requires employees to be competent at performing their duties safely. When an incident occurs at work, questions will be raised about whether the worker responsible was competent at controlling the risks involved with that task. When safety obligations are not met, there can be severe [...]

Improving Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Something old, something new In today’s world of online and mobile technology, friends, family and colleagues halfway across the world can be reached with the tap of a button through myriad messaging apps and platforms. So many aspects of work and play have become digitised, because why post a letter when you can send [...]

Tips to Create Stunning Courses

Creating engaging, yet informative digital learning courses is essential to the success of organisational induction and training. Managers can create these courses through an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS). When creating content, managers can follow these tips to make the content stimulating.   Keep training simple As a manager, decide what you want to include [...]

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Human Resources and Machine Learning

Machine learning is progressing the digital world and affects nearly every industry. Human resource managers can utilise these programs to better identify potential candidates and conduct comprehensive performance reviews. To better understand the ways in which machine learning can enhance HR tasks, let’s first look at the concept of machine learning. What is machine [...]

Integration of Existing Systems Essential

Why Your Performance Management System Needs to Integrate with your Digital Learning System Human resource managers oversee department functions and manage employees in the following areas: recruitment and selection compensation and benefits […]

How to Improve your Bottom Line Using Digital Learning

How to Improve your Bottom Line Using Digital Learning When strategising ways to increase profit, organisations typically focus on attracting customers or controlling costs. Controlling costs often include cutting the budget […]

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