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The Multi-Tenant Portal gives you the power to set up your unlimited Training Groups on your eLearning Portal. This product incorporates the features of the Mobile eLearning Portal, with the addition of groups to allow you to deliver unique training portals to your end users. Each group can be branded with your client’s logo and you can assign managers to each group to allow your clients to self-administer their training on your portal.

Tips to Manage the Training of Numerous Contractors

The need for a different approach Managing contractors can be a very different process to managing full-time and other staff. As with all staff, your business is obligated to ensure that contractors have the necessary training, qualifications and licenses to carry out their work safely. Due to the typically short-term engagements contractors have with [...]

Improving Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Something old, something new In today’s world of online and mobile technology, friends, family and colleagues halfway across the world can be reached with the tap of a button through myriad messaging apps and platforms. So many aspects of work and play have become digitised, because why post a letter when you can send [...]

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