Rech Tech Solutions

Rec Tech Solutions is an Independent Technology Consultancy to the Recruitment Services Industry. Powered by the “Industry and Global first” platform and with a strong understanding of labour markets, in-depth knowledge of strategic recruitment methodologies and industry trends, Rec Tech supports Recruitment Agencies through in-depth requirements gathering, analysis and consultation to help you [...]

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My Potentia

My Potentia is the world’s most comprehensive language free, culture fair, digital assessment tool for measuring a person’s potential, capability and trainability. My Potentia does not require language, literacy, numeracy, any level of formal education or prior understanding or experience of a test environment. This ensures the absence of bias from the assessment process. [...]

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RDB helps your consultants boost their sales performance, while providing a superior customer experience to your clients and candidates. Lightning-fast search speed and impressive versatility means you have everything you need to easily identify and engage candidates, and deliver them to clients fast, all whilst complying with relevant legislation. As the industry’s fastest-growing recruitment [...]

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Drake International

Drake Allegiance is the management consulting division of Drake Australia that works with businesses to ensure their success. We provide intelligent business solutions built on a corporate ethos of delivering high quality, measurable outcomes through an end-to-end implementation process and training. Our service offerings include business consulting, project management, applications development, corporate performance management [...]

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HEO Software

HEO Software works with a network of highly skilled technology partners who provide best of breed technology. These solutions can be delivered as standalone services. However when a business needs a full technology ecosystem, Then our HEO Software brings all these solutions and services in to your business via a seamless integrated platform, where [...]

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Smooth IT

Smooth IT knows how hospitality venues tick. With over 15 years of industry experience, Smooth IT is best placed show you the value Powerhouse Hub will give to your Club or Association. We’ll show you how you can drive down costs and increase the effectiveness of delivering on-boarding and ongoing training, policies, and documents [...]

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