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The Staff Induction Portal is the most advanced staff onboarding product on the market today. The portal can be API-linked to your payroll or HRIS to create your training teams based on your payroll groups. Portal access can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and other CRMs. Based on the Mobile eLearning Portal, you can create your own induction courses, upload policies, publish news, add events, allow staff to upload key documentation and assign managers to groups as part of your on-boarding process. We also provide an extensive library of induction courses that you can license.

Tips to Manage the Training of Numerous Contractors

The need for a different approach Managing contractors can be a very different process to managing full-time and other staff. As with all staff, your business is obligated to ensure that contractors have the necessary training, qualifications and licenses to carry out their work safely. Due to the typically short-term engagements contractors have with [...]

Tips to Induct and Grow Without Limits

Meeting compliance requirements is an essential task for operations managers. This can be achieved through a solid induction process. Inducting employees and contractors into the organisation creates a safe, friendly and inviting work environment. The benefits of establishing a strong induction process include: build a strong workplace structure stay compliant and educate employees on safety, bullying, sexual [...]

LMS Induction and Compliance: Automation Tools

Online Induction and Compliance Training with LMS: Automation Tools Transitioning staff induction and compliance training online with an LMS delivers a range of benefits. HR professionals understand the need for this online induction system to streamline training and promote high standards across the platform. The following are just some of the benefits that an [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Hospitality Induction

Top 10 Tips for Hospitality Induction We understand hospitality induction. Many hospitality companies globally have opted for our online induction and training program for their staff and contractors in the interest of long term cost savings and efficiency. A typical hospitality business is very complex and may have: A diverse cross section of talent [...]

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LMS Selection in Eight Steps

Your LMS: How to Plan, Review and Select a LMS for Your Business Step 1: Create Your Business Case for the LMS Before you consider purchasing or implementing a LMS for your organisation it is good practice to develop a business case to support the project. The business case will be specific to your [...]

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Nursery Induction – Automating Staff Training

What is Nursery Induction? Nursery induction introduces staff to their workplace, work team and the business ethos. Nursery Induction helps each member of staff understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations. They receive their training and compliance material to allow them to complete their job successfully. Online nursery induction is an efficient and proven method [...]

Induction and Compliance Automation

Many HR Professionals understand that moving the staff induction and compliance training online with an LMS delivers a wide range of benefits which include:Saves time and moneyDelivers consistent standard of training to staff and contractorsMinimises time away from the jobImproves knowledge retentionAssists with data integrationAllows training to be delivered 24/7These benefits are widely acknowledged but [...]

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