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The Workplace Verification Portal is designed specifically for organisations that need to validate their processes and workflow with auditable workplace verifications. The verifications are delivered as a set of tasks or procedures that must be verified in person. This portal allows administrators to create their own verification tasks that are assigned to managers who become Workplace verifiers. Verifiers logon to any connected device, view the tasks and annotate these when observing staff in their team. The data from the verifications is stored dynamically in the database and APIs can push content to payroll, CRM or HRIS systems for centralised reporting.

Workplace Verification of Competency – a Simple Solution

Workplace Verification of Competency – a Simple Solution. Why is Verification of Competency Important? Competence is a measure of an employee’s proven skills and knowledge. Many workplaces require employees to be verified as competent at performing their tasks before they can work. This is especially important for high risk work, such as operating machinery [...]

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