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A powerful compliance management system

PowerHouse Compliance Management System manages organisational compliance with self-registration portals for contractors, staff, visitors and businesses. The functionality delivers an Induction Portal with re-induction alerts, identity management, file uploads and induction certificates. The Manager Portal features an approval process for uploads and delivers real-time tracking and reporting of end-users. The platform includes a multi-tenanted solution with custom branding for all Training Groups.

Staff induction Portal

Contractor Induction Portal

 Visitor Management Portal


Process workflow manager

Plan, implement and track business process workflows such as policy implementation, workplace procedures, best practice and safety protocols.


Group branding manager

Apply a custom logo to to display on the individual training groups dashboard and their training certificates.


File upload manager

Contractors can upload their insurances, certificates and licenses with the addition of the expiry date tools to generate instant license expiry reports.


Training records

A central repository for all completed training activities including the name of the activity, the date completed, the documentation and the CPD points.


Visitor manager

Provide your visitors with online registration, your site induction course and automated access to the visitor pass.


Compliance activity visual report

Real-time visual reports that displays the level of compliance in a course or Learning Plan. The report shows compliance readiness.


Learning style indicator

The Learning Preference Indicator generates a visual profile of learning style preferences for each staff member or business group.


Communication hub

The Communication Hub features personal email reminders on set tasks and alerts. Managers use messaging and group chat to collaborate.