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The Future of Business Organisation: Breaking the Mould

Adapt to survive, change to grow The changing face of organisational design has become an increasingly hot, and important, topic in the last couple of years. High-performing companies are stepping away from the rigid, [...]

Trends in Careers and Learning

Careers for the future Past career trends involved sticking with one career and speciality for 20 years (or more!) until retirement. Today, we are seeing a shift towards a more diverse career path and [...]

8 Top Tips for Effective Content Development

Interactive. Tailored. Impactful. Engaging. Creating original, engaging content has become increasingly difficult in our ever-connected world. This has made standing out from the competition all the more valuable for any growing company that relies [...]

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Part 2 of Modern Instructional Design

One of the criticisms of instructional design is that learning is not a one-way task; it is a conversation. Many designers have made the mistake of creating learning material with a one-click spam where [...]

Part 1 of Modern Instruction Design

An instructional designer’s responsibilities include gathering and curating information in a way to fully engage the learner. With so much content and so many distractions for the learner, it is important to create the [...]

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De-risking Your Safety Compliance Requirements

What are compliance risks? Workplace health and safety legislation requires employees to be competent at performing their duties safely. When an incident occurs at work, questions will be raised about whether the worker responsible [...]