Confined Space Requirements

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Confined Space Requirements

Confined spaces present a unique set of workplace hazards, many of which can be deadly. As a business, it is your responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all personnel performing work activities in confined spaces. The atmosphere inside the confined space, communication and the type of entry and exit points must all be considered, among other hazards.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of confined space safety requirements. It examines the risk management process and entry permit requirements, as well as testing, purging and emergency procedures.



  • This course is suitable for businesses undertaking a broad range of confined space work operations
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • Confined Space Requirements is ideal for preparing workers and managers to enter and work in confined spaces safely

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the risks of working in confined spaces and how to control them
  • Understand the required procedures before a confine space can be entered
  • Gain a practical and set of skills with the ability to identify confined spaces and perform risk assessments

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver comprehensive training to staff and supervisors
  • Enhance employees’ awareness about confined space safety and required procedures
  • Promote safety, efficiency and compliance with legislation when undertaking confined space activities


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