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Construction Worker Safety

Construction involves working at residential houses, commercial buildings and roads. Construction also includes carrying out repair and maintenance tasks.

Construction workers face a number of hazardous tasks and conditions whenever they are on site. The major causes of fatalities result from falls, being crushed, being struck and electrocution.

To avoid these hazards and risks, construction workers need to be trained on these risks and how to avoid them. This course is designed to equip construction workers with this knowledge to avoid incidents and injuries at work.



  • This course covers safety protocols for a variety of tools, equipment and hazardous work and is best suited for construction industry workers
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • The Construction Worker Safety course is ideal for educating workers about the importance of complying with safety regulations and the methods for doing so

Learning Objectives

  • Employees and contractors will gain a thorough understanding of the hazards and risks in the construction industry
  • Gain a detailed understanding of how to avoid these hazards and risks to ultimately eliminate incidents and injuries
  • Workers will know how to properly respond to emergency situations

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver construction worker training seamlessly to a wide range of employees and contractors
  • Ensure all employees and contractors are knowledgeable about potential risks and hazards in the construction industry
  • Ensure your workforce can appropriately respond to emergency situations
  • Protect your organisation from health and safety breaches


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