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Contractor Induction Software

Automate and streamline your contractor induction process.

  • Deliver your contractor induction online

  • Induct contractors across a range of offices, sites and locations

  • Ensure contractors comply with safety requirements

  • License and edit a range of contractor induction courses

  • Offer refresher training and notifications

  • Allow contractors to upload licences and insurance documents

  • Track contractors through meaningful reports


The Contractor Induction Portal – the most advanced contractor on-boarding product on the market – links to your payroll or HRIS systems with ease, allowing you to create your training groups based on existing payroll groups.

With the Contractor Induction Software, you can ensure that your contractors know and understand all safety standards and requirements. This gives you the assurance that all contractors are performing work safely on your site. The powerful system provides you with up-to-date safety reports on the compliance and competency of all contractors.

Collect all safety licenses and certificates as part of the on-boarding process

The Contractor Induction Software allows contractors to easily upload safety licenses, certificates and insurance documents. These documents are stored on the portal and can be accessed by an assigned manager or administrator at any time.

OHS/WHS courses delivered online to drive your safety compliance

You can build your own courses or license our comprehensive list of safety and training courses. The best part? You can edit these courses to suit your specific business and compliance requirements.

OHS/WHS safety meetings and workshops booked through your Training Calendar

Create and manage online and face-to-face training events and webinars and harness the power of blended learning for your contractor induction.

The ability to publish and track your safety policies and documents

Contractors can access all policies and documents at any time, and can be alerted to new uploads through the news and alerts module.

Issue safety induction certificates

Once contractors have demonstrated compliance and competency by passing a course, they are issued with personalised certificates.

Real-time visual and data reports for administrators and managers

Know how contractors are faring in their induction at any time by accessing a suite of comprehensive reports. Our stunning visual reports also provide a snapshot of individual and group progress.

Real-time alerts to managers for expired licenses and upcoming re-inductions

Re-induct contractors with ease and remind them with automated alerts.

Induction and Compliance Software

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Induction and compliance software

  • Self-registration
  • File uploads to automate onboarding
  • Create groups with custom induction courses
  • Set refresher reminders
  • Track staff and contractor compliance


The Staff and Contractor Induction Portal is the most advanced onboarding product on the market. The portal can be API-linked to your payroll or HRIS to create your training teams based on your payroll groups. Portal access can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and other CRMs. Based on the Mobile eLearning Portal, you can create your own induction courses, upload policies, publish news, allow the upload key documentation and assign managers to groups as part of your on-boarding process. We also provide an extensive library of induction courses that you can license.

Induction and Compliance Software


Allow your contracting businesses to create accounts and the aligned contractors to self-register to get instant access to their induction training.

File uploads to automate on-boarding

Enable your businesses and contractors to upload their insurances, licenses and certificates with related expiry dates. Automated expiry alerts sent to managers and contractors.

Create groups with custom induction courses

Create site-based or role-based training groups to deliver custom induction programs with access to safety news, policies, site training and procedures.

Refresher reminders

Add individual course expiry dates and assign automatic refresher dates to courses that need to be completed annually. The portal sends email reminders to staff, contractors and their managers.

Track compliance

Track staff and contractor compliance via their training record, visual graphs, reporting and completed Induction Certificates.

Powering human potential at some of the world’s smartest companies.


"PowerHouse Hub has alleviated the pressure on our HR Department"


Our Clients