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General Tradesperson Safety

The most common trade roles include carpenters, electricians and plumbers, but there are many other roles that make up these industries, including boiler makers, spray painters and mechanics, to name only a few.

While the roles and work activities may differ, the hazards and risks remain largely the same. To prevent injuries or incidents, employees and employers in these trades should have a full understanding of these hazards to reduce the risk of incidents or injuries.

This training course is designed to provide tradespeople with the information they need to work safely on site.



  • This course covers safety protocols for a variety of tools, equipment and hazardous work and is best suited for construction industry workers
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • The General Tradesperson Safety course is ideal for educating workers about the importance of complying with safety regulations and the methods for doing so

Learning Objectives

  • Employees and contractors will know the main hazards and risks
  • Workers will know how to avoid incidents and injuries resulting from such hazards
  • Employees and contractors will know how to manage and respond to a health and safety issue, should one occur


Business Outcomes

  • Deliver tradesperson health and safety training seamlessly to a wide range of workers
  • Reduce the likelihood of breaches in health and safety
  • Maintain a safe environment for all workers
  • Protect your organisation from breaches to health and safety regulations


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