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Tips to Manage the Training of Numerous Contractors

The need for a different approach Managing contractors can be a very different process to managing full-time and other staff. As with all staff, your business is obligated to ensure that contractors have the [...]

Tips to Boost CPD Memberships

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important in any role and can be achieved through a number of different activities. Any event, webinar or training course that increases knowledge or skills in a role can be [...]

Human Resources and Machine Learning

Machine learning is progressing the digital world and affects nearly every industry. Human resource managers can utilise these programs to better identify potential candidates and conduct comprehensive performance reviews. To better understand the ways [...]


RDB helps your consultants boost their sales performance, while providing a superior customer experience to your clients and candidates. Lightning-fast search speed and impressive versatility means you have everything you need to easily identify [...]

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Whistleblowing As a business, it is your responsibility to provide staff with the support and reporting channels necessary to report misconduct. Whistleblowers are invaluable for detecting and preventing fraud, corruption, safety malpractice and [...]

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