Manufacturing Worker Safety

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Manufacturing Worker Safety

Manufacturing tasks commonly use a man-machine set-up, in either a small or large scale production. Manufacturing environments are diverse and can tasks may include manning assembly lines, operating machinery or plant and quality control. At times these tasks, among others, can present a number of hazards and risks that workers need to be aware of.

This course is designed to provide you with an overview of the common hazards and risks that you may encounter in a manufacturing environment, as well as strategies you can implement to ensure you’re working safely.



  • This course covers safety protocols for a variety of tools, equipment and hazardous work and is best suited for workers in a manufacturing or production environment
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • The Manufacturing Worker Safety course is ideal for educating workers about the importance of complying with safety regulations and the methods for doing so

Learning Objectives

  • Know the main risks in a manufacturing environment
  • Know how to reduce these risks, particularly when operating plant and equipment
  • Understand the main hazards
  • Know how to respond in an emergency situation
  • Recognise important safety signage in the workplace
  • Know how to work safely in a manufacturing environment

Business Outcomes

  • Ensure all employees and contractors can identify and reduce the risks associated with a manufacturing environment
  • Ensure employees and contractors understand the main hazards and how to reduce the risk of these
  • Teach employees and contractors how to respond in an emergency situation
  • Ensure all workers can recognise the meaning of all safety signage
  • Deliver this safety induction seamlessly across your employee and contractor groups
  • Minimise incidents or injuries at your workplace
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