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A powerful performance management system

The PowerHouse Performance and Talent Application is a dynamic portal that creates and maps employee and contractor performance and talent data. Built on the PowerHouse LMS, the software features custom Performance Plans, Career Pathways, generates Risk and Capability Profiles and provides 360-degree reporting with peer reviews, goal setting and mentoring. The software features role descriptors with matching competencies. Role based tests produce personalised performance programs.


Risk and Capability, 360 Reporting
and Mentoring


Job Skills Competency Testing


Talent Management and
Succession Planning


Competency manager

The Competency Manager builds custom risk and capability matrixes which can be assigned to courses, events and webinars.


Competency plan progress

Plan, publish and report on custom Competency Plans that can be created and assigned to staff with visual progress tracking graphs.


Competency activity visual report

Real time activity report that presents a visual competency analytics graph which is published to staff and manager dashboards.


Capability and risk activity visual report

Real time activity report that presents visual business analytics on specific risk and capability profiles on staff and managers.


Communication hub

The Communication Hub features personal email reminders on set tasks and alerts. Managers use messaging and group chat to collaborate.


Personal goals

Allows staff to create their own goals and include stage gates to track the achievement of the goals. Can be linked to organisational competencies.


Talent endorsement

Allows staff to recognise peer talent and achievement in their business groups by endorsing team members with skill awards.


Management style indicator

The Management Style Indicator generates a visual profile of the personal management style preferences for each staff member.


Peer reviews

As part of 360-degree reporting, staff can write peer reviews which are posted to Group Managers for review, action or escalation.


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