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Portable and Fixed Equipment

Portable and fixed equipment are found in many workplaces. These are tools, machinery and other equipment that must be connected to a power source to be operated. Businesses must take appropriate measures to ensure that all equipment is operated and maintained correctly and safely, in compliance with industry and manufacturer requirements.

This induction course is designed to serve as a best practice guide for the risk assessment, operation, inspection, maintenance and record keeping associated with a range of common portable and fixed equipment types. It contains guidelines, safety specifications and hazard information for various equipment, including powered hand tools, gas cylinders, cranes and hoses.



  • This course covers a variety of common equipment types, used in a range of workplaces and industries
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • The Portable and Fixed Equipment course is ideal for educating workers about safety protocols for various water, gas and electrically powered tools and plant

Learning Objectives

  • Understand general requirements for the safe use, inspection and maintenance of portable and fixed equipment
  • Be aware of the risks involved with the use of a diverse range of equipment
  • Learn the safety requirements and best hazard control methods for different equipment to prevent incidents and injuries

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver comprehensive training for the safe use of a range of workplace equipment
  • Employees will be aware of both clear and less obvious risks, as well as safe operation procedures for equipment
  • Protect workers from injury and prevent damage to equipment caused by unsafe and negligent work practices


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