Verify and validate skills in your workforce to create and report on Competency Frameworks.


Upskill your team with micro-credentials and workplace-based traineeships and apprenticeships.


Manage workplace qualifications and verify competencies.

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Competency framework


In compliance-driven industries, it is essential to validate and verify workplace competencies.

PowerHouse Certify allows you to deliver industry-specific competency frameworks with inbuilt validation and verification to demonstrate the worker’s compliance with mandated skills.

The skills in these frameworks can then be validated by industry workplace verifiers.

The comprehensive reporting module allows you to interrogate detailed data, including individual, group or whole of industry reporting.

Traineeships and apprenticeships


PowerHouse Certify is purpose-built to deliver a platform to manage government funded programs such as apprenticeships and traineeships.

Deliver online apprenticeships and traineeships with a structured and sequenced assessment framework.

The assessor profile is managed by the awarding body and the trainee could be one of your employees or a new apprentice.

Have an assessor manage all verifications, or appoint managers to provide workplace verification evidence, all tracked and reported on one intuitive platform.


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Workplace skills compliance


Businesses license PowerHouse Certify to create unique skills verification programs.

In the program, managers can upload evidence when assessing the skills of a worker. Safety managers can provide company-wide assessment of compliance, mapped to the required skillsets.

Using the assessment tool, add interactive questions and verification tasks and have these validated by verifiers in the workplace.

For final sign-off on a worker’s competency, push all assessment responses and verification data to the assessor for approval.

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Micro-credential competencies


Ensure staff are workplace ready by delivering micro-credentials on PowerHouse Certify.

Micro-credential competencies allow you to transition workforces to different roles or to develop on-the-job skills and competencies.

Enjoy rapid upskilling of a transient workforce through clever workplace training.

The reporting functionality will provide you with a dynamic assessment of your workforce’s skills.


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Online qualification


PowerHouse Certify is delivered as a customisable and secure qualification portal.

Build your own unit-based assessments and supporting learning material for accredited certifications, qualifications, traineeships, apprenticeships and so much more.

The platform integrates with all Student Management Systems (SMS) to allow the training organisation to enrol employees and deliver the program. The qualification and assessment data then seamlessly writes back to the SMS, ensuring one central location to manage data.


Cloud-based RPL


Utilise the ground-breaking RPL tool to profile workers’ experience and previous qualifications or units of competency.

Where the necessary criteria are met, previous experience and learnings are automatically identified as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and are mapped to the new qualification.

The platform also allows for the upload of evidence to support the RPL application.

The qualification then updates automatically with credits towards the areas where the worker meets RPL.


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