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Engage your new talent with intuitive, effective and contextual onboarding workflows.


Delivers contract signing, document collection, police and work rights checks, induction courses and integration with payroll and other systems.


Improve time to productivity with PowerHouse Onboard.

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Custom onboard workflows


PowerHouse Onboard allows you to build unlimited onboarding workflows that can relate to roles, type of workers and locations.

Recruiters can build custom onboarding workflows for each of their clients.

The onboarding workflows can feature content pages, background checks, licence and certificate collection, induction courses and integrations with payroll and DocuSign for contracts.

Background & suitability checks


Capture your new worker’s background and reference checks as part of the streamlined onboarding workflow.


PowerHouse Onboard integrates with WorkPro so you can add Police and Work Rights Checks to your onboarding workflow.


Your new employees and contractors can also complete Care Advantage workplace suitability assessments to complete the background checks.

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Licence & certification collection


PowerHouse Onboard helps you to manage important compliance processes through licence and certificate collection.

With the File Upload section of the onboarding workflow, you can create your own custom upload list to receive the licences and certificates you need from your workers and contractors.

Add expiry dates to these documents to assist in monitoring required compliance from your workforce.

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Induction courses & content pages


Creating an induction program within your onboarding workflow is easy with PowerHouse Onboard.


Design your own custom induction program by licensing courses from our off-the-shelf Course Library.


You can also build your own custom induction courses using our intuitive Content Publisher.


Our easy-to-use editor allows you to add streamed video, images, audio files and assessment to create an enriching learning experience for your onboarders.



Contract signing, payroll & timesheets


PowerHouse Onboard can be customised to provide a seamless onboarding transition for your new contractors.

The customisation can feature integration with DocuSign for online signing of contracts and seamless connections with your payroll and scheduling systems.

The Contractor Management solution includes custom dashboards for contractors to access news, training, timesheet uploads and payslip downloads.

Centralised onboard management


PowerHouse Onboard features an intelligent management dashboard that tracks, filters and reports on the progress of all onboarders.


Managers can view the visual progress of all employees or contractors and select a user to examine all stages of the workflow.


The management dashboards feature the ability to resend the onboarding link, post a message to a user and extend the workflow timeline for a new hire. Detailed reports can also be exported on all areas of the onboarding workflows.

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