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Automate recruitment by reading and ranking CVs, matching applicants to job roles, profiling, screening, selecting and assigning to talent pools with rapid onboarding.



Why choose PowerHouse Recruit over traditional recruitment?

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Reads & ranks CVs


Retain your existing job boards, such as Seek or Indeed, and allow PowerHouse Recruit to read and rank CVs against the job role.

Immediately view the ranked order of candidates and toggle the job criteria filters to create a new ranked order.

All candidate CVs are presented in a standardised format displaying skills, experience and work history.

Profiles skills & experience


Profile the skills and experience of new applicants for a job.


PowerHouse Recruit automatically builds unbiased candidate profile dashboards which summarise work history, skills, and experiences.


The platform provides companies with an analysis of the workforce and candidates to build and plan talent pipelines for future jobs.


PowerHouse Recruit also profiles existing staff to generate internal talent pools that can be matched to new job roles.


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Weighted job match score


Reduce recruitment costs by automatically matching candidates to the job by publishing personal weighted job match scores.

The job match score relates to the candidate’s skills and experience based on the set job criteria metrics.

Set your own criteria for each role, identify the skills and attributes required and allow PowerHouse Recruit to do the shortlisting to rank quality talent.

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Dynamic talent pools


Build your network of talent by creating your own talent pools to store profiles of candidates for future jobs.

Talent pools can be grouped by internal, external, contractors and pre-inducted workers. Search the pools to identify talent by skills, experience, qualifications, previous job roles and education.

Your recruitment pool is a searchable database of candidate profiles interested in working for your organisation. All users who have applied for a role become members of your recruitment talent pool.


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Recruit shortlisting

Screening & shortlisting


PowerHouse Recruit’s shortlisting tool features an easy-to-use drag and drop style to assist recruiters to screen candidates to develop a shortlist.

Message candidates to request more information, add notes, create automated shortlists with advanced filtering and publish final interview lists with interview notes recorded and stored.
If candidates are suitable for a future job, you can allocate them to talent pools to continually develop your network of talent.


Rapid onboarding integration


PowerHouse Recruit provides seamless and customised onboarding and induction.

After selecting the new hires, a workflow is assigned and the new hire completes an onboarding process that collects certificates and licences, completes background checks, provides data on the company and delivers workplace training and induction as needed.

Use our App Store to add police checks, VEVO (visa) checks and suitability assessments to your selection process, with induction courses from the inbuilt library.

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