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Website promotion of CPD

The in-built website can promote your CPD courses, events and webinars. Use the automated marketing and marketing slideshow banners to promote your activities.

Generate revenue

Deploy the eCommerce modules to sell your CPD courses, events and webinars with automated payment and client receipts emailed through the portal.

Boost membership

Consider rewarding members and boosting membership with CPD credit to enable them to purchase your courses, events and webinars. Non-members do not have CPA credit.

Role-based group

Build role-based training groups to deliver specific CPD groups with annual credit targets. Add client groups to sell your CPD training to businesses in your sector.

CPD points

Assign annual CPD targets to each role and then add CPD points to courses, events and webinars. As a user completes activities, their CPD points are automatically calculated.

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