How to Improve your Bottom Line Using Digital Learning

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How to Improve your Bottom Line Using Digital Learning When strategising ways to increase profit, organisations typically focus on attracting customers or controlling costs. Controlling costs often include cutting the budget for employee training. Many organisations opt out of investing in training programs for employees, citing that training will create heavy costs both directly [...]

Increasing the ROI for Your New Learning Management System

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Increasing the ROI for your new Learning Management System Before purchasing a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation, it is important to develop a Return on Investment (ROI) assessment. This will help find the right LMS for your business with the highest cost savings. In the past, measuring the ROI of your LMS [...]

LMS Selection in Eight Steps

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Your LMS: How to Plan, Review and Select a LMS for Your Business Step 1: Create Your Business Case for the LMS Before you consider purchasing or implementing a LMS for your organisation it is good practice to develop a business case to support the project. The business case will be specific to your [...]

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