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Trends in Careers and Learning

Careers for the future Past career trends involved sticking with one career and speciality for 20 years (or more!) until retirement. Today, we are seeing a shift towards a more diverse career path and a continual search for learning. The definition of a career has changed for the next generation of professionals. Individuals now [...]

Part 2 of Modern Instructional Design

One of the criticisms of instructional design is that learning is not a one-way task; it is a conversation. Many designers have made the mistake of creating learning material with a one-click spam where learners are set on a single path of information. While this may be an efficient way to organise information, it [...]

Safety Induction

The PowerHouse Compliance software allows you to deliver Safety Induction certificates for each course or you can choose to implement a comprehensive safety induction program with a single certificate that informs your managers that the end user has been inducted. What Should Be Included in My Safety Induction Program A structured and consistent safety induction [...]

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