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De-risking Your Safety Compliance Requirements

What are compliance risks? Workplace health and safety legislation requires employees to be competent at performing their duties safely. When an incident occurs at work, questions will be raised about whether the worker responsible was competent at controlling the risks involved with that task. When safety obligations are not met, there can be severe [...]

Tips to Manage the Training of Numerous Contractors

The need for a different approach Managing contractors can be a very different process to managing full-time and other staff. As with all staff, your business is obligated to ensure that contractors have the necessary training, qualifications and licenses to carry out their work safely. Due to the typically short-term engagements contractors have with [...]

Risk Management

Risk Management As a business, it is your obligation to ensure staff are knowledgeable about risks in the workplace. The identification, analysis and evaluation of risks should be conducted regularly in order to prevent injury, fatality, reputational damage and other forms of loss. In any work environment, there are risks to be mindful [...]

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Safety Induction

The PowerHouse Compliance software allows you to deliver Safety Induction certificates for each course or you can choose to implement a comprehensive safety induction program with a single certificate that informs your managers that the end user has been inducted. What Should Be Included in My Safety Induction Program A structured and consistent safety induction [...]

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