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Foster talent retention 

Manage succession planning and create a culture of lifelong learning with published career pathways to recognise, develop, and retain the top talent within your organisation.

Build career pathways

Build role-specific Career Pathways to develop employee capability. Career Pathways are assigned to group and staff can apply for a pathway or managers will assign staff to a program.

Succession planning and opportunities

Enable administrators to address talent gaps or manage succession planning by building custom Career Pathways for targeted staff and contractors. Export talent pathway reports.

Promote career opportunities to your staff 

Allows administrators to promote new career opportunities directly to staff who have completed a related career pathway. Staff select apply on the dashboards to register their interest.

Effective Talent mentoring forum

Enhance the promotion of your career pathways program by activating the Talent Mentoring Portal where managers can foster talent and provide support to staff undertaking the pathways.

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