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A powerful talent management system

PowerHouse Talent delivers a complete career pathway platform with career succession planning and the ability to promote internal career opportunities. The platform allows staff to select their preferred career pathways and commence the learning plan. Selected Career Pathways are pushed to personal dashboards and managers can approve or redirect staff career direction.


Talent Management Portal

Recruitment Placement Portal

Career Accreditation Portal


Career hierarchy manager

Allows HR to create a tiered career hierarchy for their organisation which can push career opportunities to staff dashboards.


Career pathway manager

The Career Pathway Manager allows HR to create and publish Career Pathway Learning Plans and push the plans to specific groups.


Recruitment bridge

The Recruitment Bridge provides induction courses with a mentoring communication hub connecting HR, the new hire and the manager.


Career pathway activity visual report

Real time activity report that presents visual analytics a staff member’s progress through one or multiple Career Pathway Plans.


Career opportunities

Career Opportunities are published to staff dashboards and target staff who have completed a matching Career Pathway Plan.


Personal goals

Allows staff to create their own goals and include stage gates to track the achievement of the goals. Can be linked to organisational competencies.


Personality type indicator

The Personality Type Indicator generates a visual profile of the personality style preferences for each staff member.