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Project Terms and Conditions

Before commencing the project as referenced above and outlined in the quotation, an authorised signature is required giving authority to proceed and as acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

These general terms and conditions governing the Free Trial and / or purchase and / or use of the services purchased by the customer from Mediasphere. Selecting (or flagging) the appropriate box on the acceptance and / or by completing and submitting the order form that refers to this agreement, the Customer declares (1) have received a copy of the below Terms and Conditions (hereinafter then also in T & C) and / or to have a copy downloaded from the website of PowerHouse Hub, (2) to have read and understood the contents, and (3) to accept the content in all parts.
The website and the software, made ​​available online associated with the Services are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws. Mediasphere does not allow the activation and / or use of its services for the purposes of monitoring and / or copying and / or testing of the services provided by PowerHouse Hub, or comparative analysis commissioned by PowerHouse Hub itself. Mediasphere therefore reserves the right to suspend the provision of the service and access to its products whenever there is even a suspicion that the verses in such hypothesis.

The ownership and use of the content of the courses and courses, if offered and / or owned by PowerHouse Hub are covered and regulated by the laws on copyright. In particular, for the duration of enrolment in a course the customer acquires the license to use the course and the contents.

By returning the signed Authority to Proceed you understand that you are contracting Mediasphere to provide the services listed in this document and any variation tasks included in your schedule.

After the project commences, the client has the right to request project variations to cover out-of-project-scope changes to the project. Project variations requested by the client and not described in the referenced quotation/specification document will be managed with separate quotations that the client can accept or reject. Project variations may have an impact on delivery dates.
The client agrees to take full responsibility for the final proofing of material produced for inclusion in the completed project. Whilst every effort is made to avoid such occurrences, Mediasphere cannot accept any liability for errors or omissions not detected by the client.

Mediasphere is not liable for delays in project completion caused by equipment breakdown, mutually agreed project variations, delays caused by outside suppliers or by failure of the client to comply with negotiated schedules.

Additional changes are charged at a rate of $140 ex GST per hour and apply to changes (project variations) made after the client has provided written approval of the completed project (either by way of signed Authority to Proceed form or email).

Full payment is required no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of the invoice.

In the event of non-payment or late payment, Mediasphere may deactivate you immediately, in whole and / or in part, without notice, any outstanding payments relating to the Services or late.
A service fee of 7% per annum may be charged on all outstanding accounts.

Rescheduling Confirmed Dates: The client may reschedule confirmed project milestone dates at no additional charge by notifying Mediasphere of the requested change at least six weeks before the scheduled milestone. If the client reschedules on less than six weeks’ notice and Mediasphere is only able to meet the changed dates by incurring additional costs in re-tasking project staff, the client agrees to pay Mediasphere a rescheduling fee of 20% of the total project investment amount. Client-requested changes to project dates will not alter the scheduled invoice dates.

Cancellation of Order: If the client cancels the project prior to completion, the client shall pay Mediasphere for Services delivered prior to the effective date of cancellation plus a cancellation fee of 20% of the total fees for Services, in recognition of Mediasphere’s allocation of resources and initiation of effort prior to the delivery of Services.