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Working at Heights

Working at heights often involves significant safety hazards, which must be eliminated or controlled. Businesses that conduct working at heights activities have the responsibility to provide appropriate fall prevention systems and ensure workers are educated about the risks posed by their work.

This induction course is designed to assist managers and workers with identifying fall hazards and which control methods must be used to minimise risk of injury. It addresses control methods for various activities and situations, such as edge protection and fall-arrest systems, and provides tips on equipment maintenance and records.



  • This course is suitable for businesses undertaking a broad range of working at heights operations
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • This course is ideal for supporting staff and manager compliance with industry safety standards

Learning Objectives

  • Employees and contractors will know the common hazards and risks associated with working at heights
  • Workers will know how to avoid incidents and injuries that may result from these hazards
  • Employees and contractors will understand their workplace responsibilities to maintain a safe work environment
  • Employees and contractors will know how to manage and respond to a health and safety issue, should one occur

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver working at heights safety training seamlessly to a wide range of workers
  • Ensure all employees and contractors are knowledgeable about the common hazards and risks associated with this type of work
  • Reduce the likelihood of breaches in health and safety
  • Maintain a safe environment for all workers
  • Protect your organisation from breaches to health and safety regulations


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