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Working with Children

Working with children involves a variety and laws and regulations that must be adhered to. This is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the child and the employee responsible for caring for that child.

This course is designed to ensure employees comply with the laws for working with children, know their responsibilities and are aware of potential health and safety risks.



  • This course is broad in scope and is suitable for a variety of businesses and industries, particularly education and caretaking businesses
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • This course is ideal for supporting and expanding on staff and managers’ skills and knowledge when looking after children

Learning Objectives

  • Employees will have the information and preparation to obtain a Working with Children Check, if necessary
  • Workers will gain a thorough knowledge of the process involved in getting a Working with Children Check
  • Understand their workplace responsibilities to maintain a safe environment for the child
  • Know the potential risks to health and safety that come with working with children

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver training seamlessly to a wide range of employees
  • Ensure all employees are knowledgeable about the laws required to work with children
  • Ensure employees are up to date with their Working with Children Check
  • Protect your organisation from childcare health and safety breaches


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