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Aged Care Workforce

Helping Aged Care Providers with new ways to source, onboard, upskill and retain a quality workforce.

Supporting quality care programs with real-time workforce compliance management.

Optimise your current investment in your workforce and reduce recruitment costs.

Build your own aged care talent community and streamline aged care recruitment, onboarding, compliance & upskilling

New Ways To Find Your Talent

Workforce Wallets

Pre-screen your candidates in Talent Pools to view skills and compliance data.

Private & Public Talent Pools

Find candidates for your job roles & use our Talent Pools to find & foster future talent.

Trainee and Graduate Talent Pools

Connect with your community to find your trainees and graduates.

Contractor Talent Pools

Source your pre-screened and contractors from contingent Talent Pools.


New ways to find the right people

It’s time to take a contemporary approach to sourcing and identifying the people who are going to meet the requirements and culture of your organisation. You can build your own talent pools, reducing time and money in the recruitment process.


PowerHouse Source gives you the ability to add Private Talent Pools to our recruitment platform PowerHouse Recruit.  

Your hiring managers can create their own categories of talent and build unlimited talent pools to reflect your recruitment needs. You can create private talent pools by work type, location, role or experience level.

You can post job ads to your private talent pools . The software manages permissions from candidates to store their CVs to be assessed against future jobs.


Profile candidates in your talent pools

Now there is an easier and more efficient way to identify suitable candidates. In addition to adding candidates to your private talent pools, you can pre-screen your applicants against specific  job profiles.

As you pre-qualify your candidates in your talent pools, you automatically collect data on their job skill levels, compliance records, location information and availability.

All candidate information and communication is streamlined to one location and can be viewed and managed from the Recruit dashboard.


When you need help finding right people

We Create – we have smart ways to build pools of talent exclusively for your organisation.

We Curate – once built, we proactively manage your pools of talent using our advanced tech to screen, assess,  and manage your talent pools. Tech is important but we also factor the ‘human touch’ into our model to optimise the talent experience.

We Transfer – once you are ready we can transfer the private talent pools to be managed internally by your HR or talent management team.

onboard with docusign


Get your new hires ready for work

Increase retention by ensuring your new starts feel supported and informed before they commence. PowerHouse Onboard gives you the ability to create streamlined onboarding and induction workflows that your new team members can complete prior to their first day at work.

Onboard workflows support you to manage compliance requirements automatically and in real time. Your managers are able to see if new starts have uploaded documents, accessed information and met compliance requirements before they have started. 

From day one you know that your business requirements have been met and your new team member feels valued and is ready to start.


Manage real-time compliance

Managing workforce compliance requirements should not be an extra job or a distraction from confidently delivering quality care. PowerHouse Compliance allows you to build a Compliance Framework specific to individual job roles. You have real time visibility on individual employees, teams and across your whole business.

Compliance management commences from the time a candidate applies for a job. The advanced screening and workflow functionality built into our Workforce Talent Pools, Recruit and Onboard ensures that you can predetermine your compliance requirements and new starts understand exactly what is required from them.

All your workforce compliance documentation and evidence is retained for each employee. You can access current information in real-time and set expiries and renewals. Now you can confidently produce reports knowing that they accurately reflect compliance requirements for your permanent, contract and casual staff.


Build and retain a skilled workforce

The delivery of quality care relies on the quality of the people you employ, as part of a stable workforce. While each employee has a different level of experience and skills, PowerHouse Skill gives you the ability to map evidence of skills and learning according to job role.

PowerHouse Skill Framework supports you to implement ongoing learning programs for your teams, aligned to specific job roles. You can assign documents, courses, track completion of external training and ensure that all evidence aligns to the Framework. Your managers can confirm that knowledge has been applied in the workplace.

You can make courses available to your employees, including the ACQSC Courses integrated to PowerHouse Workforce. Now you have the ability to evidence that your staff understand and can apply the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards that apply to their role.


Digital IDs with verified skills & compliance data

The PowerHouse Workforce Wallet is the unique feature of the PowerHouse Workforce platform. The Workforce Wallet is created dynamically for all employees and contractors in your business.

As the employee or contractor completes a pre-screen and onboarding workflow, all data and records are uploaded automatically to their wallet. When the worker completes training, upskilling and completes a job appraisal workflow, data is dynamically added.

The Workforce Wallet stores all compliance records, verified job skills and insights for the worker and gives you real-time reporting capability.


Our Partners

We have integrated a range of partner and technology solutions to support you to in building a skilled and compliant workforce.  

ACQSC (Alis) – PowerHouse Hub partner with ACQSC to deliver the new Aged Care Quality Standards online learning program. The PowerHouse Workforce Platform provides you with direct access to courses on Alis, with completion data writing to your employee’s Workforce Wallet.

Care Advantage – Integrated into pre-screening and onboarding , you can assess candidates for suitability to job role and feel confident you’ve shortlisted the right people. Each report will upload for managers to view.

Mirus Australia – Employee job role skills and compliance data is directly integrated into Mirus Works! rosters and schedules. You will have confidence knowing that the right people have been rostered to work.

Learning Vault – Integrated into the Workforce Wallet to generate personal verified badges that can be downloaded by employees and contractors. Managers can scan badges to check credentials, vaccination status, skills, licenses and background checks.

WorkPro – The background checks have been integrated with pre-screening and onboarding workflows. Apply and manage Right to Work Checks, police checks and qualification checks. The data from these checks feature in your employee’s Workforce Wallet.

Pulse On-Demand – Pulse offer Managed Talent Pools to Aged Care providers and specialise in providing pre-screened and job-ready care workers, nurses and health workers.

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