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The state of the aged care

Following an intense period of focus on the aged care sector, it is now time to set our sights on the future, building a stable and flexible workforce. 


As your greatest investment, your workforce is also potentially the greatest barrier in delivering quality aged care services. The ever-present business challenge is determining how to manage your current workforce requirements, meet your regulatory and compliance requirements, reduce workforce-related overheads and future proof your business, where possible.

It is with these challenges in mind we’ve launched PowerHouse Workforce, the only platform with the flexibility to focus on one key issue at a time and build a dynamic solution to address your needs. 

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Workforce efficiency, productivity and risk management delivered on one platform

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with centralised access for all your workforce data

Job Role Compliance

framework to manage risk in real time

Decreased Time to Productivity

with seamless transition between recruitment and onboarding

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Use pre-screening & auto-read-&-rank of CVs to find your talent quickly & accurately


Deliver engaging workflows with compliance uploads, contracts, checks and induction


Create job role compliance frameworks to deliver compliance with tracked expiry dates


Create job role upskilling schemas for career pathways and succession planning

Solution for the aged care sector

Whatever challenges your organisation is facing, PowerHouse Workforce provides a cost-effective solution,  designed with and for Australia’s aged care providers. 

Our customers  estimate an immediate
 – 50% saving on recruitment costs and 

 – 70% saving on onboarding.

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