Using Workforce Analytics to Shape Your Business

PowerHouse publishes real-time workforce data analytics on individuals, teams, departments and whole of company. The data is generated on job role skills, competency and compliance.


The workforce data assesses job role readiness, generates skills gap profiles, polls competency records and expiry dates, monitors skill acquisition and maps and powers employee mobility.

Synchronous Employee and Contractor Compliance Data

In addition to compliance files collected in the pre-screening and onboarding phases, the Workforce Profile presents synchronous monitoring of job role compliance. The profile tracks expiry dates on compliance certificates and records and sends alerts to the worker and aligned managers to update the relevant files.


The real-time tracing of compliance files forms part of the workforce readiness shields that managers use as part of the rostering process and during appraisals.  

Develop Responsive Upskilling Job Role Programs

When publishing your job roles in PowerHouse your administrators have the option to add a set of essential skills which relate to the job. Candidates and new hires provide a self-assessment of these skills during the pre-screen or onboard process. Managers can use the platform tools to verify these skills and upload evidence if required.


The data from the self-assessment and verification builds skilling profiles on all staff and dynamically publishes a skills gap analysis against each job role. The data analytics is viewed by worker, by group, by job role and by whole of company to provide the intelligence to create responsive upskilling programs to address the gaps.  

The Digital ID for your Team

Using Predictive Data to Underpin Workforce Development

PowerHouse creates compelling insights into your workforce and that data produces a moment in time assessment of compliance, skills and worker perception into each of your job roles.


The workforce data is also mapped and presented over time to present actionable insights. Senior Management can view the ability of individuals and teams to develop essential skills or compliance records over a period of time to understand if they need to introduce intervention programs to address the gaps. Management can also view skills and compliance over all job roles to assess the quality of their succession planning programs. 

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