By Hannah Jackson • April 1, 2019

3 simple steps to provide a personal mentoring experience

It’s crucial for your organisation to understand why a mentoring process matters and how it can benefit new hires. Recently, Dr Ioan Rees, the CEO of Sycol published an article where researched had shown that a well-designed personal mentoring experience nurtures professional growth and helps create strong and independent employees.

New hires must feel their talents are valued and useful in reaching organisational goals. If the new hire feels their talents are developing over time and are considered a strong asset to the organisation, this will help increase workplace satisfaction.

There are three simple steps to incorporating a simple and easy personal mentoring experience into your organisational processes. These include:

1. Being supportive in professional development - delivering key performance management updates.
Being supportive of new hires’ professional development is an important aspect of a personal mentoring experience. As an organisation, you need to provide key performance management processes which help the new hire engage with their professional development. Once new hires are given extensive support and shown where and how they can advance in their professional skills, their dedication and performance levels will improve tremendously.

2. Creating a learning culture- encouraging curiosity in knowledge advancement.
Encouraging curiosity helps establish a culture centred around innovation and advancement. Employees will try out new skills if they are given the resources and opportunities to do so. Offering free learning courses and performance management tools will show value in employees.

3. Looking toward innovation - centring the organisation around improvement and relationships.
Establishing a learning culture centred around improvement and relationships is a key step to building a successful personal mentoring experience for your new hires. Looking toward innovative technology can help in this development for your organisation. It’s important to recognise the importance of nurturing new hire potential and making it possible for your organisation to do so. Create a space to measure an individual’s potential and capability, where easily assessing and assisting employees in achieving their potential, is all but a few clicks away.

To recap, in order to incorporate your own easy personal mentoring experiences for new hires, be supportive in professional development, create a learning culture and look toward innovation.

It may seem easier said than done, but with a powerful mentoring tool, such as PowerHouse Onboard, you can provide your new hires with a personal mentoring experience that promotes a focus on performance management and the collection of key workforce data.

For your convenience, we've created a quick reference guide to providing a personal mentoring experience for your organisation. To access the guide, please click here.

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