By admin • February 4, 2019

The Four C's of induction

There are many ways in which managers can help to ensure a new team member puts their best foot forward even prior to commencing work. Broadly, managers can categorise their onboarding engagement and induction into four distinct areas or, as we’re going to refer to them, ‘Four Cs’.


We know that the culture is critical in creating a harmonious and productive workplace. Culture can be quantified in an induction by providing an overview of the organisation, along with its history, values and ethical behaviour in the workplace. Archive footage and CEO footage can add emotion and depth to the induction training. Adding elements that stimulate an emotional response and cover values of the organisation will help develop a sense of belonging and set a strong foundation for a good working environment.


Along with culture, connection is developed to support employees with building relationships within the organisation and meeting the team. A major step in induction should be introducing new employees to staff and creating an environment in which the new employees feel welcome and included in conversation. The initial development of these relationships is major in retaining employees.


It can be unnerving for a new employee to commence a new role, especially if they are unsure of what needs to be completed and how it needs to be completed. All induction training should incorporate clarification so that a new employee fully understands their responsibilities. This could be displayed by a presenter or employee completing a job task on-screen and discussing the role.


Rules, policies and regulations are a major aspect of every organisation that must be provided before work commences. Having a location for all resources that employees can access is essential for compliance in any industry.

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