Automating Workforce

Powerhouse Compliance manages your workforce job role compliance with verified file uploads.

The software centralises worker’s compliance records                        and monitors expiry dates in real-time.

The system allows managers to verify the uploaded records and track compliance expiry dates, with inbuilt alerts, to deliver real-time workforce compliance.

Managing your workforce compliance

Workforce Wallets

To store and search all verified compliance records with expiry dates on your workers.

Inbuilt Background Checks

Strengthen your compliance profiles with integrated background and visa checks.

Job Role Compliance Frameworks

Create job role core compliance schemas with job readiness shields.

Job Role Verified Compliance Files

Managers can verify compliance files by sighting original docs with digital records.


The digital compliance ID for your team

The PowerHouse Workforce Wallet is the unique feature of our platform. The Workforce Wallet is created dynamically for all employees and contractors to become a single searchable compliance database for your company.

As the employee or contractor completes a pre-screen and onboarding workflow, all compliance data and records are uploaded automatically to their wallet. When the worker completes a safety screening or renews an existing compliance record the wallet is updated and managers alerted.

The Workforce Wallet stores, monitors and sends compliance expiry alerts to workers and their managers.


Verified compliance records with expiry dates

Managing workforce compliance commences with data collected during the candidate and the new hire onboarding processes. All compliance records move with the worker and can be accessed by managers at any time.

Administrators can designate what files need to be collected during the pre-screen and onboarding workflows and a worker can upload a compliance file with expiry dates at any time for 360 compliance management.

Managers can verify compliance files by viewing digital records and if required annotate a record to validate that they viewed the original compliance document prior to uploading.

Workers and managers receive automated alerts that a compliance record is expiring and the worker is promoted to upload the new file and dates into their workforce wallet.


Integrated background and work visa checks

In addition to collecting compliance records, the pre-screening and onboarding workflows feature the PowerHouse App Marketplace for third party app integrations.

These apps provide you with the option to add background checks, work rights checks and qualification checks to your workflows.

You can customise your pre-screen and onboard workflows with your custom integrations to allow you to subscribe to our partner apps or integrate your own apps.


Add job role compliance frameworks

The PowerHouse Framework Module allows you to create your own job roles and assign a set of compliance records to the role, while your our team select a job role in their Workforce Wallet and start completing the compliance uploads set for the role.

As part of our support of worker mobility, an employee can select future job roles and independently provide the records for the role.

The Workforce Wallet hosts all uploaded compliance records with associated expiry dates and publishes a compliance gap analysis for all workers and guides them on what they need to do to become compliant.

Alerts are posted to help the worker complete skills and compliance requirement and a job-readiness shield is published.


Workforce compliance reports with analytics

The Workforce Wallet creates, stores and publishes workforce data on all employees and contractors.

The platform adds your teams to groups and manager are assigned to each group to monitor and mentor their staff.

The Manager Dashboards feature aggregated compliance data from the Workforce Wallet to show the team’s performance.

The Manager can view data on an individual or assess data at a group level in the following areas:

The data also presents a compliance skills gap analysis for the group with filtered downloadable reports.

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