Driving a Compliance Culture in Your Workforce

As we adapt to unprecedented change in the business landscape, we understand that worker compliance is a foundation deliverable for many workplaces. Compliance commences at the sourcing phase and continues through the recruitment, selection and onboarding phases.


Keeping, maintaining and monitoring compliance data is at the very core of our technology as we ensure that workforce compliance is assessed 24/7 to keep your business protected.

Workforce Profiles and Compliance Gap Analysis

PowerHouse publishes personal Workforce Profiles for all workers which stores and presents all job-related compliance data. Businesses use the Workforce Profile to dynamically report on the job readiness and performance of their workers with real-time skills, compliance and credential gap analysis.


The Workforce Profile collects data which relates to a job role and the profile is created automatically when a candidate applies for a job. This process stores compliance data from all phases in the job role life-cycle including the sourcing, pre-screening, selection, onboarding and upskilling phases.


The employee or contractor owns and manages their compliance data in their Workforce Profile and the profiles are anchored in all Talent Pools. Managers can view the compliance profile data analytics for an individual worker or monitor the compliance at a group, department or whole of company level.  Talent Pools pool non-compliant workers and push alerts to managers and remedial workflows to workers to mandate compliance.

Managing Compliance during Pre-Screening and Onboarding

After posting a job ad on Powerhouse (to any of your talent pools or sources) we generate a unique Workforce Profile for each candidate. The candidate has access to the profile and can decide what data is shared with the employer or recruiter.


As the candidate completes the pre-screening and onboarding phases all compliance and credential licenses, certificates and files are uploaded to the Workforce Profile and this data can be viewed in real-time by the hiring manager to support the shortlisting and selection process.


The onboarding workflow can feature the ability for users to purchase and upload police, qualification, visa and qualification checks which are automatically stored in the compliance records in the Workforce Profile.

The Digital ID for your Team

Workplace Compliance Shields and Real-Time Rostering

PowerHouse allows your administrators to define and publish a job readiness shield for each job role in your business. The Job Readiness Shield is based on a matrix of essential job skills and mandatory compliance and credential records.


The Workforce Profile continually monitors the compliance and skills data and presents the shield with a real-time score that reflects the current status. The scores in the shields can be viewed before rostering an employee or contractor to deliver dynamic profiling of your team.


Data analytics that display compliance scores over a time period, compliance scores in a Talent Pools, or information that relates to a specific record i.e. vaccinations, provide predictive datasets for senior managers to assess the compliance viability of their business.

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