Site gone down? Found a bug? We're here to help. 


Our service desk is specifically designed to support our existing clients. If you have a general or sales related query please contact us.

Before you contact our service desk, please ensure you complete the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Ensure you are using the correct URL address
  • If you are using a workplace or open network, try accessing the site from a different computer or on your phone

If the above steps do not help to resolve your query, please lodge a ticket with our service desk on the right. Please ensure you provide as much information as possible.


Priority level description:

P1 – CRITICAL Major incident that critically affects the customer’s business operation. System often will be completely down. No work around available. Multiple users affected.

P2 – HIGH Incident resulting in severely degraded performance. High impact to business. Affects a large number but not all users.

P3 – MEDIUM Incident causing functionality to be reduced or performance impaired. Affecting only a small section of the business. Impact is low. Often work around is available.

P4 – LOW Configuration or design advice required by the customer where there is no impact on the customer’s business. Affects low number or single users

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