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How do I gain access to Learner / Manager / Business features using an Admin Account?

Each account type is setup differently and will display only the relevant information and features for that account. This means, for example, that an Admin account will not be able to see the same features that a Learner account has access to.

In order to easily access the features of different account types, you can create and link your own accounts together. This will allow you to change your account to another type at any time via the profile button on the top-right corner of the screen.

What should I do if I am unable to access my portal / have connection issues?

The first thing you should do is try to confirm what the issue may be. Check to see what is displayed on screen when you attempt to access your portal. Is it displaying an error message?


If the error message states the site is in maintenance mode, you will need to access the Admin Portal and turn off 'Maintenance Mode' in the Site Settings.


If the message is a HTTP error (unable to find site / site timed out), attempt to load another website, such as, to confirm if your internet connection is causing issues.

Clearing your browser history and browser cache can also help in resolving issues. If you are unsure of how to do this, the help page on your browser should be able to assist.

If, after attempting the above steps, the issue is not resolved, contact support at

Does this feature exist?

If you are unsure if a specific feature exists, you can visit our support area to view all the features that are currently available in the PowerHouse Hub.
You can also visit our product information page to find a detailed synopsis of the product.

How can I organise to have a feature added to my PowerHouse Hub platform?

If you do not see a feature listed that you would like to have added to PowerHouse Hub, please contact us at and we can look into adding the functionality you need to the system.
The sales team will be able to provide a quote and timeframe for the work involved.

If I edit Courses, News, Documents, etc. will this affect my users in any way?

You are free to change any content on the site at any time, however it is advised that you do not make changes to a course’s assessment if users have already completed it. Doing so may interfere with a user’s results.

If you modify an assessment, make sure to inform your assigned users of the changes and have them re-attempt the course and assessment if needed.

Any changes made to Documents, News, Courses, etc. will automatically be applied to all users who have been granted access to them. There is no need to re-assign modified content.

What support will I receive if I use an older version of PowerHouse Hub?

We provide support for all of our users, regardless of what platform version they are running. 
We can provide technical support, organise the creation of variations to the system and organise site upgrades.

Reports are failing to generate. What should I do?

If you attempt to generate a report and receive a time-out message, this means that the report you are trying to generate is too large.

The best way to avoid this issue is to try to generate a report with less data in it. You can do this by selecting less information to be generated (Courses, Users, etc.) or by selecting a smaller date range.

If you require the printing of large reports, please contact support ( for assistance.

Why am I unable to download uploaded materials from PowerHouse Hub?

If you receive an error when attempting to download any materials from PowerHouse Hub, this may be the result of uploaded materials being deleted from the system.
If a document is unreachable, check the Documents section of PowerHouse Hub to make sure the document is still accessible. Re-upload the document if you need to.

How do I access the Admin Portal?

You can access the Admin Portal by adding '/admin' to the end of the address for your website (e.g. '').
If '/admin' is not accepted, try using '/phcms' instead.

Why am I unable to log into my account?

Double check to make sure that you are entering the correct username and password into the system. If you are still unable to log in, press the 'Forgot Username/Password?' button on the main page and enter your email address to receive an email resetting your password.


If an email is not sent or if your email address is not recognised, contact the Admin in charge of your site or the site owner.

If you are the Admin or the site owner, contact technical support at

If you are trying to log into the site using an Admin account, you may need to use the Admin Portal login instead. Refer to 'How do I access the Admin Portal?' to see how.

How do I organise to change my domain name?

Domain name changes must be organised with the registered owner of the domain name. In most cases, the registered owner will be Mediasphere, as our usual set up process involves us maintaining and managing connectivity to the platform.


If you would like to organise a domain name change through us, please contact the support team at


If you are the registered owner of the domain name, you will have to organise the changing of the domain name by contacting the provider or accessing your account on their website to change your settings.

Why is a learner unable to access Courses, Events, Documents or other content?

If a learner is unable to access content, it could be due to conflicting restrictions on the account.


If a course is inaccessible, the first thing you should do is go to User Accounts and find the user who is having trouble accessing courses. Click on their 'Assign Courses to This User' button and check that the course is not set to 'Denied'. If it is set to denied, this will deny access to the course even if the user is assigned the course via Group Management.

If a user is having trouble accessing other content, make sure that the user is assigned to a group that has been set up to grant access to this content. You can set up content distribution through groups either in Group Management or the appropriate content editor (e.g. News Editor).

Content can also have expiry dates. If certain content cannot be viewed, go into the content’s settings page and make sure that the expiry dates have not passed.

I have third-part software that may be conflicting with PowerHouse Hub. What should I do?

Some software may not work properly when used alongside PowerHouse Hub. If this occurs, it is important to determine who to get in contact with to find a solution.


The easiest way to determine this is if an error appears on either the platform or the third-party software.

If the platform generates an error message, the issue is likely occurring on the platform, and thus it is best to contact us to seek a solution to the problem.

If the error is occurring on the third-party software, you will need to contact the software’s support team.

How do I use this particular feature of the platform?

If you are unsure of how to use a particular feature on the platform, you can visit our Support area to view our training videos. These videos go into detail on how to use every feature of the platform. 
You can either view the entirety of the available videos to learn the entire platform or search for information and instructions for particular functions.

I have a variation that isn’t working properly. What should I do?

If you had a variation made for your website and you are having trouble either understanding how to use it, or if there is a problem with the new functionality, please contact support at for assistance.
If you require assistance, please make sure to provide as much detail about the variation as possible, such as what was added or changed, the purpose of the variation, where the variation is located, how the variation is meant to be used, when the changes were made and who provided the details regarding how to use the variation.

I want to upgrade to the latest version. How will this be handled?

If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of the platform, please contact about your upgrade and any special requests. We can then organise a quote and can customise the platform to meet your needs.


Once the upgrade has been scheduled, the development team will begin by setting up the platform to meet your specifications. They will also work on installing any customisations made to the previous version of the platform.


Once the platform has been set up, we will do a full site test to confirm everything is working correctly.None of these tasks will cause any downtime or interruptions to the current live site.

Once the full site test is complete and everything has passed, we will then provide you with a link to the beta version of the site, which is used for testing.

Once you have reviewed the site and confirmed everything looks and functions as it should, we will then begin replacing the old site with the new version. This normally does not cause any down time unless a large amount of content is being transferred.

The system is not letting me create another account. Why is this?

Firstly, it's a good idea to check if you have gone over your allocated learner limit. This limit dictates how many users you have on the system at once. If you have reached your limit, you will no longer be able to create any additional accounts.


You can investigate this by navigating to 'Settings' and then to 'Learner Settings' to view how many users you have been allocated, how many are on the system and how many are active. Please note that disabling an account will not create an available account slot.

There are two ways you can gain back used account space:

1. Delete users that you no longer need on the system. Please note that if you do delete users from the system in order to gain more room for new users, this will also delete all of their records, meaning that reports will no longer be able to generate data for those users.

2. Use the 'Buy More Users' option, located in the User Accounts module on the Admin Portal, to purchase additional account space. This will send an email to the sales team at Mediasphere. In this email, please advise how many users you would like to have added to the system. Once the sales team receives the email, they will provide a quote for the additional accounts.

A user submitted an assessment but their progress was lost. What happened?

There are several ways that a user’s progress can be accidentally reset.


The user has attempted the assessment again: If the user goes into an already completed course and attempts any assessment again, that assessment will wipe the user’s previous answers from the system for that assessment, even if they do not enter any answers.

The user navigated away from the course: The course can be browsed through by using the 'Next' and 'Prev' buttons available inside the course. These allow you to navigate through the different pages and move back and forth between them. If a user uses the navigation buttons on their browser while in a course; however, this has the potential to wipe the user’s answers, especially if the user were to navigate backwards through a course after viewing their score. It’s recommended users do not use the navigational buttons on the browser to navigate through the course or outside the course.



The user’s results were reset: Admin accounts can reset a user’s results. If this feature was used accidentally by an Admin, this will result in all selected assessment results being wiped.

Internet security or connectivity issues: If the user is using internet security or has a poor internet connection, this can lead to the user’s connection to the system to be cut off. If this happens, the system may log the user out for security reasons.

Why is this feature no longer available?

As the platform has grown over the years, we have been adding new features to the system as well as refining already existing functions. Sometimes, these refinements and additions can lead to a feature becoming incompatible with the rest of the system.
This is an unfortunate side-effect from building the system into something bigger and better. We will always do what we can to keep functionality consistent between versions, but in some cases, this cannot be helped.

Why are users not receiving emails?

If a user is not receiving emails, the first thing to do is make sure that the user has the correct group assignments. Some emails will send to users based on group assignment, so if the user does not belong to a group that emails were sent to, that user will not receive the email.
Another possible reason emails may not be received is due to the user’s email client or email service. Security settings can sometimes result in legitimate emails being automatically sent to spam or removed entirely. The first thing to check in this case is your spam folder. If mail is being sent to the spam folder or has been deleted, you will need to modify your email settings to allow the emails to come through.

User results are not recording or new materials are unavailable. What is happening?

A common problem for sites that have gone live is users will continue to use the beta site by accident. 
It’s best to inform all of your users when your site goes live to use the new link to the live site, as anything done on the beta site will not be transferred to the live site.

Why do I keep getting logged out of the system?

Being logged out of the system usually means that your connection was interrupted somehow. There are a number of reasons that could lead to this. Some examples are listed below:

Bad internet connection: If you have an internet connection that is constantly dropping out or experiencing latency issues, this could lead to a disconnect between you and the system. This is a difficult problem to solve as it is entirely dependent on the location, type of internet connection and the internet service provider. If you are experiencing connection issues, try switching your router off and then back on.


VPN / Dynamic IP: A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a form of security that helps to mask your IP address, which is used to identify yourself on the internet when connecting to websites. A VPN and other forms of software can be set up to change your IP address at specific intervals. The problem with this is if you are logged into the system and the IP address changes, the system will no longer recognise who you are. It is best to switch this form of security off while using the system.

Security software: Security software can sometimes interfere with the system. If this is the case, you will need to either allow the system to pass through the security software’s protection or switch the protection off.

Where can I find information on the PowerHouse Hub API?

If you need to pull or push information to or from the PowerHouse Hub, you can do so by utilising the PowerHouse API. This allows you to communicate with the system in a number of different ways.

Documentation on the PowerHouse API, including how to build the code necessary to use the API, can be found here:

PowerHouse Hub API Documentation

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