Job Framework

Track Skills and Compliance with Job Role Frameworks

Publish your own Job Role Frameworks to the employees’ Workforce Wallet and track the individual performances of your team members. Monitor acquisition of job skills and record compliance files required for the role.


Assign additional job roles to each group to allow your employees to upskill and become compliant in other jobs as part of the workforce mobility.


Empower employees but displaying their progress and job readiness shields and highlighting uncompleted tasks.

Workforce compliance management
job skills taxonomy

Publish a Job Skills and Compliance Matrix

Personalise the creation of your own job roles with the publishing of a custom Job Skill Matrix. Use the matrix to tag job skills to training courses and activities.


Create a set of self-assessed skills and apply to the role. After the employee has completed their assessment, managers can verify  these skills which feature in the Workforce Wallets.


Create your own library of compliance, credentials and skills evidence file uploads. Apply contextual compliance records and credential and evidence uploads to your job roles.

Add Your Job Role Frameworks

Use the Framework Module to publish your own collection of job roles specific to your business. Assign job skills, compliance and credentials to each job role.

Assign the Job Frameworks to your employee groups and the job upskilling program is automatically featured on their dashboard and showcased in their Workforce Wallet.

Be creative with the Framework to publish and industry framework that your staff can complete to drive professionalism, skills and compliance

job role frameworks

Assign Skills and Compliance to a Job Role

Use the Framework Module to publish a job role and assign a set of self-assessed and training skills to the job. 

Job skills can be tagged to courses, training programs, webinars and events and when these assets are assigned to a job role the skill outcomes are published to the Workforce Wallets.

Managers can verify self-assessed skills and validate uploaded compliance records at any time.

Use the Framework Module to assign compliance records and credential evidence to a job role that employees use to upload their evidence

Upskilling in a New Job Role

When a Job Role Framework is assigned to a group, all employees and contractors will be able to complete the assigned training and upload the required records from their user dashboards.


Each Job Role features a Job Readiness Shield that displays their real-time progress in upskilling for the role.


Managers can track individual team members or monitor and report on all employees in their group.

Your C-suite and Senior Executives can view whole of company trends in skills and compliance

Upskilling in a New Job Role

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