Job Skill Frameworks

Job Skilling Frameworks: Performance and Mobility

The success of your business is vested in your skilled workforce. The ability to define the core skills required for each job role and deliver a personalised upskilling and reskilling program drives your organisational agility.

The use cases provide information on how companies use the Job Skilling Frameworks to drive performance, retention, mobility and succession plans.

job skills

Upskilling your workforce

Job Role Skill Frameworks

Assign Job Role Skill Frameworks to drive performance and mobility.

Core Job Skills Verified by Managers

Search your worker database to find matching talent and compliance for projects

Customised Job Skills Directory

Create your own Skill Directory and tag skills to courses, events & webinars.

Project Role Skill Frameworks

Create project skill roles and post to private pools to discover talent matches

Compliance Use Cases.

workforce compliance use case

Compliance Use Case Examples

The following product screenshots demonstrate how PowerHouse Workforce manages your workforce compliance programs and reporting.

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