By admin • June 26, 2018

The Top 10 Benefits of Using an LMS for Staff Training

Budgets are tight and expenses continue to rise. So why should you spend on a learning management system (LMS) for your staff training and development? Because truthfully the benefits of an LMS are endless, its like the gift that just keeps on giving!

Investing in eLearning can sometimes be the cheapest option for staff training. Using an eLearning platform, like an LMS, can reduce training times and costs. Additionally, unlike many other purchases within your organisation, training is an investment into your people and your organisation. When your employees grow, your business will as well.

Need more convincing? Here are ten reasons why you should invest in an LMS.

1.  Training attracts quality employees

Many potential employees are looking for a role that will upskill them and improve their career prospects. With ongoing staff training, you'll be able to attract potential talent with a desire to learn.

2.  Reduce training costs

Face-to-face training is expensive, especially if your business spans across multiple locations. Trainers incur travel expenses and these are maximised with the more locations and employees that require training. eLearning reduces these costs by applying learning material online which can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

3.  Speed up delivery

With an eLearning training program, learning can be updated across the entire company with the click of a button. Having your training online allows you to seamlessly deliver new training content.

4.  Higher employee retention

Keep your employees challenged and interested and you’re more likely to retain your employees. Many employees are looking for ways to increase their skills and if they’re at a job that allows them to do this then they’re more likely to stay. Plus, who wouldn't want to retain employees with a desire to learn?

5.  Comply with legislative requirements

Do you have an industry requirement that has just changed? Quickly adjust your content to cater to these changes through your eLearning software.

6.  Identify skill gaps and weaknesses

A smart LMS allows you to assess employees to identify skill gaps and weaknesses. Once these skill gaps are identified learning can then be adjusted so employees gain the knowledge they need.

7.  Targeted training

Blanket training has a bad reputation. Avoid this by giving your employees training catered to their location and job role. By allowing employees to complete learning targeted for them you avoid wasted time, keep employees engaged and save money.

8.  Provide opportunities for promotions

Not only does a good LMS allow you to identify weaknesses, but it also allows for the identification of strengths. Using this information, you can identify employees that have the skills to qualify for a promotion.

9.  Increase employee skills

Have a potential candidate who is missing experience or a current employee who seems to be under skilled? An LMS can solve this. Through their training, employees will develop new skills, which can be utilised throughout your company.

10.  Ease of training for remote staff

Training staff members who work in locations outside of the central organisation is often a challenge. Eliminate this issue by providing remote staff with ease of training by allowing them to access training from anywhere, at any time.

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