By admin • June 26, 2018

Investing in Employee Learning

Invest in employee learning in 2018

Our team at Mediasphere cannot stress enough the value that investing in employee learning can have on an organisation. With the new year right around the corner, we thought it was time to include a few more reasons why 2018 is the time to invest.

Learning makes the heart grow fonder

One of the most detrimental costs of any organisation is losing an employee. Not only does it cost upwards of 50% of an employee's salary, it may also cost employee engagement. If organisations have a high employee turnover, the working environment may become more hostile and you may have more employees looking to leave the company.

Offering professional development and learning, along with onboarding, can ensure employees come into their roles looking forward to their position. It also helps establish the right environment for lasting engagement.

Learning has been proven to improve retention rates among employees and it is important, as an employer, to see that it is better to train an employee that eventually moves on from the company than it is to lose an employee that was never trained in the first place: quality over quantity.

Having this reputation as a good employer that cares for their employees will also attract new and valuable prospects to the company, increasing the chance of organisational success.

Up, up and away

Organisations can save on resources when promoting within the company. One way to achieve this is by training possible leaders through training programs.

Promoting from within lets employees know that they are valuable, which in turn can help to keep employee engagement and retention high.

A quality learning program will develop a pool of eligible employees, train leadership qualities and help identify key strengths and weaknesses of employees.

Professional development is a valuable tool for all organisations and can be implemented within your learning program through PowerHouse LMS.


Say no to boredom

Since we know that attention spans have decreased over the years due to technology, it is safe to say that a bored employee is a disaster waiting to happen. Keeping employees engaged in their work is crucial in this fast-paced environment and one way to do that is by continually challenging workers through learning.

Employees that are always seeking out new ways to development skills are vital to the organisation and ensures productivity.

Win, win

Investing in employee learning improves employee skills, values and general satisfaction within the organisation. Investing in professional development and eLearning can also drive sales and increase net output.

If an employee is constantly progressing and improving their ability, then in the long run, they will do better at their role and improve the success of your business.

Providing professional development for your sales associates, for example, can help show what areas they may need to improve in. This will improve performance and directly relate to more sales.

Infinity and beyond

Investing in employee learning can definitely have short-term success for your organisation; however, developing an employee learning program can also force the organisation to consider the future.

Training and development must adapt to the needs of the organisation, its employees and the needs of consumers. Planning is crucial and what has worked in the past may not work for the future.

Managers should consider and anticipate potential leaders, potential consumer needs and any possible industry changes. Having a learning program and LMS can help plan for the future and ensure a successful organisation.