By admin • June 26, 2018

LMS Implementation Checklist

Selecting your LMS

Choosing a learning management system (LMS) can be daunting, as you want to find an LMS that suits your organisational needs, as well as one that provides additional features to help streamline your induction, training or workflows. Before considering the purchase or implementation of an LMS for your organisation, it is important to develop a business case to support the project. Be sure you refer to an LMS implementation checklist and you have covered all basis.

To get the most out of your learning program, managers should sit down and assess the needs of the organisation and the possible benefits of the selected LMS. The team at Mediasphere developed a selection process in eight easy steps. We pooled our expertise to help empower managers to take control of their teams' learning potential.

Before implementation, take a look at these eight steps for selection.

When considering various LMS platforms, managers may also wish to consider tools that help LMS programs stand out. One of these tools is automation. Learn about the benefits automation has on different sectors of an organisation and how automation assists with training and assessment.


Once you have selected your LMS platform, it is important to discuss the plan for smooth implementation and automation. Here at Mediasphere, we understand that there are many layers involved in implementing an LMS, so we developed a checklist to help keep your team on track to develop an effective and efficient LMS program.

You can access the LMS implementation checklist below.

PowerHouse Hub LMS Implementation Checklist

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