By admin • June 26, 2018

Microlearning and ROI

4 Benefits of LMS Reporting

Reporting is a vital function in every industry, ensuring the entire organisation is up to date with relevant information. The duty of reporting can easily becoming a time-consuming and tedious task in order to generate accurate data for all business performances; however, it doesn’t need to be.

Reports offer insight to different business operations and more time should be spent utilising reports instead of maintaining them. Learning management systems make even the most intensive reporting more enjoyable. Automation tools offer a quicker and more seamless way of collecting data. An LMS also removes the possibility of human error and biases that many organisations experience during reporting tasks.

Learning management systems offer a number of additional benefits in regards to reporting. The following are four added benefits of an LMS program that may have been overlooked when implementing reporting tasks.

Continuous updates

Compiling reports does not need to be a planned monthly or quarterly task. Through an LMS, managers can easily generate a report for a variety of areas. PowerHouse LMS, for example, offers a number of general reports as well as the ability to offer custom report optimisations.

Since all information is transferred and stored onto an LMS program, reports are automatically updated every time something changes. Managers are able to generate reports whenever they need. The only thing required is the click of a button.



How does it compare?

Many companies will offer a variety of training programs, such as blended learning, classroom-based training and events or webinars. It is important for organisations to report all training types to obtain a clear picture of progress.

An LMS will allow you to generate separate reports, making it easy to identify the progress of a standalone training program and compare it to the progress of other programs.

Customise to your needs

Every organisation is different, which means each organisation will have different reporting needs. Managers should utilise their LMS program to select exactly what reporting is needed. Selecting what is needed for each style of report will ensure that the LMS provides quality and informative data.

Catch it early

Managers should be spending more time analysing a report's data rather than trying to get a report together; when this works, managers can catch problems early on.

If a problem is starting to occur, managers can utilise an LMS to gather information right away instead of waiting weeks for the next report.

An LMS program can take your reporting to the next level and it is important to identify the benefits of the program to align with the organisational needs.