By Hannah Jackson • June 26, 2018

Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning?

Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning?

Before training, managers strategise and develop a training needs assessment for each department of their organisation. If, for example, the sales team needs to develop skill sets to better handle difficult customers, a manager may question whether off-shelf courses could develop these skills or if a custom course is needed to deliver proper training.

Common skills, such as negotiation, listening and other qualities of customer service, do not always require custom-built training. These skills may be developed through pre-built courses found through an LMS provider. Necessary skills in customer service span across all industries and managers should seek out alternatives for training before employing a design team to build a custom course.

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Off-the-shelf with PowerHouse Hub

PowerHouse Hub offers both off-the-shelf and custom courses to deliver a full range of skill development in every organisation. Managers can go to our course catalogue page and purchase a variety of courses for a number of disciplines, such as customer service, working in health and workplace health and safety.

Purchasing the course, Customer Service and Dealing with Difficult Customers, offers a range of skills to develop and techniques to handle difficult customers. Employees taking the course will develop skills that help improve customer satisfaction and retention. The PowerHouse team developed this course to meet the needs of a variety of businesses and industries that deal with high-customer volumes and personalised client management.

For off-the-shelf courses, managers do have to forfeit some features that custom-built courses offer. Since these courses are able to cover most industries, general skills are best developed through these courses. A leadership course will offer important methods and general concepts; however, learners will not be able to use the course to incorporate the company’s unique values. To do this, managers will need to develop a custom course or edit an off-the-shelf course.

Thinking custom?

Our PowerHouse team also offers customisation for every off-the-shelf course and custom courses to meet your organisation’s unique needs. The payoff of implementing custom courses is vast where training can be designed with company-specific applications and may uncover and resolve company issues.

Custom learning also offers businesses the opportunity to define and develop differentiation in a competitive industry. Customisation of courses in induction and performance management sets the tone for the workplace environment. Businesses willing to invest in employee training improves employee satisfaction and efficiency.

A final benefit of customisation is the opportunity to capture the tips of high-performing employees and share them throughout the organisation. Collaborative skill development and performance management is essential when creating a high-performing workplace.

But, wait, custom or off-the-self?

Both types of courses offer their own benefits in terms of employee development. It is up to the managing team to conduct a training needs assessment and work with employees to identify which selection would benefit their organisational needs.

PowerHouse Hub offers both custom-built and off-the-self courses and can work with your management team if you are still unsure. Talk to a representative today and take the next step to powering your potential.