By admin • June 26, 2018

PowerHouse LMS: the All-in-One Business Intelligence Platform

PowerHouse LMS is the flagship product and core platform of PowerHouse Hub’s software suite. It has all the basic functionality one would expect from a learning management system (LMS), along with a range of unique features that offer a host of powerful benefits for organisations.

Here are its basic features and functionalities, at a glance:

  • Build unlimited eBooks and courses
  • Publish unlimited events and webinars
  • Create hierarchical training groups and assign managers to them
  • Manager Dashboard with remote management, reporting and data analytics
  • User Dashboard with visual data analytics and profile management
  • Post news and assign to groups
  • Publish documents and assign to groups
  • Real-time reports to track learners’ progress
  • Caters for up to 200,000 learners per portal
  • Data integration with HRIS, payroll and CRM

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key aspects that make PowerHouse LMS such a powerful training tool:

Automated processes

PowerHouse LMS is designed to manage all the administrative and tracking tasks that managers and HR staff would typically have to handle regularly, which are both tedious and time consuming.

Once staff have completed their induction or compliance courses, managers can set reminders for refresher training, at the required interval. These alerts can also be set for other essential tasks, such as re-uploading work licences.

Learners receive these prompts on their dashboard, which is accessible from all internet-connected mobile devices.

PowerHouse LMS is also able to integrate with key HR systems, such as payroll systems, CRM or HRIS. This is done through the PowerHouse API or LDAPs.

It can also automate the duplication of payroll groups into the LMS, allowing HR staff to make changes to payroll that are automatically reflected in the platform.

Risk and capability tracking

Managers can track their teams’ compliance status, achievements, event registrations and attendance, and risk and capability scores with PowerHouse LMS’s real-time reports.

These reports provide insights into core business activities and give managers the tools they need to manage business and staff risks and compliance. They can be generated from within the platform as a CSV file at any time.

The range of reports track which users have (or have not) completed courses, failed assessments, uploaded their required documents, or failed to attend required events.

More importantly, they can track which users have risks or capabilities. When building training courses with the PowerHouse LMS content publisher, a series of risks and capabilities can be assigned to assessment question responses.

As a basic example, let’s say a user is assigned an induction course on the safe operation of forklifts, which they must complete before they can start work.

At the end of the training material, there is a ‘true or false’ question, which they must answer correctly to pass the course. The question is:

Is 30kmph an acceptable speed to drive a forklift inside a busy warehouse?

The user’s manager has assigned a high Personal Safety Risk rating to the answer ‘true’ when creating the assessment question. Other risk types, such as Organisational Risk or Compliance Risk would also be appropriate.

When the user completes the question, if they answer ‘false’, they will pass and receive their certificate of completion. If they answer ‘true’, they will fail the course and their manager will receive a notification that the user has failed a safety-critical assessment.

Looking at the bigger picture, the manager can then run a report showing all the users in their team who have these risks. They can then assign additional training material to those users to ensure they are competent before performing safety-critical work.

Capabilities are the inverse of these risks – assessment questions can have qualities like leadership or creativity assigned to certain answers, which provide managers with insights into their team’s strengths.

This Risk and Capability reporting feature is one of PowerHouse Hub’s most strongest tools for empowering managers to track and control key business risks and their staff's strengths.

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