Offboarding with professionalism and empathy

Manage your offboarding program to maintain your organisation’s reputation and preserving networking opportunities, while collecting exit data to build retention data analysis.


The PowerHouse Offboarding Workflow provides a structured program that includes essential skills, online training, career pathways, interview and CV support, access to join talent communities and a Job Wallet to manage future job opportunities.

Maintain Your Reputation and Brand with Effective Offboarding

Manage your offboarding workflows and maintain your reputation and brand. By delivering an effective offboarding program you can demonstrate your values to your departing employees and help by giving them the skills for future employment.


In addition to building workforce mobility your commitment to the program enhances your brand to your business, partners and future talent networks.

Leverage exit data to enhance workforce management

The PowerHouse exit interview surveys presents a significant opportunity for you to collect data on why the departing employee is leaving. The surveys can provide you with an opportunity to conduct a health check on your company culture, management style and job role demands.  


You can also collect survey data from managers and colleagues to verify exit data. The exit survey data can be viewed by individuals, teams and trending data across the company which is invaluable in understanding and strengthening your retention plans.

The Digital ID for your Team

Preserve Networking Opportunities with Boomerang Employees

When your business is compelled to terminate a talented employee due to changes in the business landscape, a professional offboarding program 


The PowerHouse Offboarding Workflows provide essential skills, career pathways, support with landing the next role, access to join talent communities and a Job Wallet to manage future prospects.  and Build future talent source opportunities by providing open communication with your employees during the offboard process. When  an employee’s career path leads in a different direction than your organization can provide, a careful and thorough offboarding process can leave the door open for reconnection.

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