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Drive engagement with custom onboards

Powerhouse Onboard automates your contractor and staff onboarding with personalised and job role centric onboarding workflows.

Engage your new hires with appealing and professional workflows that help them prepare for their new job role. 

Use your workflows to collect personal information, compliance records, sign digital contracts, complete background checks and complete your induction courses.






Custom Job Role Onboarding

To engage new staff with interactive
onboarding related to job roles.


Add Background Checks & Contracts

Add security checks and use DocuSign to
automate signing of employment contracts.


Add Compliance Uploads

Collect compliance and license uploads
in trackable Workforce Wallets.


Add Induction Courses

Build your own or add induction courses from
our library to your onboarding.


Build stunning onboard workflows

PowerHouse Onboard allows you to build unlimited workflows to match job roles, office locations and work types (i.e., employees, casuals and contractors).

The intuitive Onboard Editor allows you to add the an extensive range of features and tasks to your workflows. These include:

– build custom forms to collect personal and payroll data
– create content pages to add CEO / manager welcome videos
– create content pages to provide information on the job role
– add certificate and license uploads with expiry dates
– add background checks with apps from the app marketplace
– digitally sign your employment contracts with DocuSign
– create and add induction courses and programs
– add suitability and psychology assessments
– add job skills self-assessment to be verified by managers.

onboarding editor

Seamless bridge from recruitment to onboarding

PowerHouse Onboard can integrate with your current recruitment software and payroll systems. The PowerHouse Workforce platform, however, offers your new staff an engaging and seamless experience.

When bundled with our PowerHouse Recruit, our onboarding workflow streamlines and automates your processes. In the PowerHouse shortlist portal, hiring managers simply select successful candidate and they are added to payroll. Our groups are integrated with payroll and onboarding workflows are assigned to specific groups.

Your new staff member or contractor receives a welcome email from your company and the link to their onboarding workflow is included. New hires have the option of completing their onboarding before they commence the role or via their dashboard on their first day.

recruitment to onboarding

Engage new staff by showcasing your culture

We understand that the onboarding process for new staff can be stressful and we help you engage them from day 1. Boost your talent retention by providing workers with background information on your business while profiling the employee and contractor benefits.

Add videos, images and animations to the content pages to introduce your CEO and management teams. Provide information of what to where and what to expect in their first week.

Display your professionalism with automated signing of contracts, the upload of their certificates and licenses and ease of providing information for payroll and business purposes.

Deliver engaging induction courses so that new hires can understand your more about your business and allow them to download key policies and procedures to help their awareness.

Add background checks & upload compliance files

Capture your new worker’s background and reference checks as part of customised onboarding workflow for your business. The PowerHouse App Store features a range of background checks, psychological tests and workplace suitability assessments that can be added to your workflows to collect critical job role data from new employees.

All data from the pre-screen, selection process and onboarding workflows is stored in the user’s Workforce Profile which can be viewed by their managers. There is also the option to collect and manage the expiry dates of the compliance certificates and licenses that relate to a specific job role during the onboarding workflow.

workforce compliance files

Add online induction courses and programs

PowerHouse Onboard allows you to create, import and add your own induction courses to your onboarding workflows.

Adding online induction courses to your onboarding workflows means that your new staff and contractors can complete important training before they start working with your business. This helps you make sure that your new workers are compliant and ready for work.

The software includes access to the PowerHouse Content Publisher module which allows your administrators to create multimedia-based courses without the need for other course authoring programs. The publisher is SCORM and open standards compliant to allow your team to import external courses and assign these to your workflows as the induction program.

There is the option to pre-load our comprehensive library of workplace courses and use them out-of-the-box. You can also customise the courses with the publisher to include your specific information, policies and topics. The courses include assessment and completion certificates are delivered after completion.

online induction courses

Increase engagement & improve retention

Deliver an engaging onboarding workflow to each new hire that focuses on accentuating the company culture, supporting employee development and articulating job role expectations to drive engagement, productivity and retention.


Streamline your employment contract management, complete background checks and introduce online induction programs.


The Onboarding Module features an integrated app store and you can move your employments contracts online and use the DocuSign plugin to digitally sign and store contracts.


As the platform integrates with your payroll you can build your own custom forms which can write employee data into payroll systems.


Your Manager Dashboards feature real-time tracking and reporting on the progress of all new staff onboarding workflows.

Onboard tracking

Benefits and Features

Powerful and innovative feature set designed to transform the way you manage your workforce

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time job role analytics with skills-gap-analysis, compliance level and retention scores

Talent Pools

New ways to source and deliver succession planning with pre-qualified pools of candidates.

Talent Retention

Drive retention with engaging recruitment and onboarding with upskilling for career mobility.

Smart Selection

AI recruitment with automated job match scores, dynamic talent ranking and selection.

Suitability Screening

Custom pre-screening workflows to record job skills, compliance and suitability assessment.

Job Role Compliance

Workforce Profiles that store real-time job role compliance data and uploaded records.

Rapid Onboarding

Customised onboarding with company content, background checks and induction programs.

Job Role Skilling

Employee workforce profiles that deliver job role upskilling programs with skills verification.

Job Readiness Shields

Dynamic shields with real-time tracking of a worker’s skills and compliance job readiness.

Workforce Insights

Real-time visual data on each worker monitoring sentiment, satisfaction, net promoter and retention.